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Our customer-centric approach at Logos, allows for a holistic offering. We not only specialize in delivering quality products and designs to our customers, but also installation services and post-sales services through well-established teams in the various countries where we operate.


“Hey Joe” is an electronic platform operating mostly in a retail environment where consumers can use the service to arrange the installation of products at their home or business.

This service allows consumers to buy a wide range of sophisticated products, as well as the installation thereof. Products can be properly installed in customers’ homes or businesses by qualified, vetted installers that can be booked and managed electronically. This platform also acts as a communication portal for all post-sales service issues and ratings.


Logos has a reputation for superior quality products, service delivery and customer relationships. We have formed strategic alliances with global partners who have a strong emphasis on research and development and product control, to ensure our standard of excellence and customer satisfaction.

With our experienced customer service teams, skilled product specialists and technicians, Logos provides a holistic, customer-tailored support service over the entire product lifecycle. Our after sales services include technical and warranty support, maintenance programs and technical training and troubleshooting.

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