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Africa Edition: O&M Best Practises and Guidelines

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SolarPower Europe has launched the African edition: Operation & Maintenance Best Practice Guidelines. Based upon Version 4.0 of SolarPower Europe’s O&M Best Practice Guidelines, this edition has been adapted to the African context in Collaboration with SolarPower Europe and 10 African associations.

This pioneering document was supported by GET.invest and prepared by an African-European O&M Task Force with 30+ solar experts from 20+ companies from Africa and Europe. This edition includes over 120 pages and 14 chapters and useful documentation in the annex.

Highlights from the Africa edition

  • Thorough revision based on the Sub-Saharan African Context
  • Geographical, economic and business conditions considered
  • Special consideration for the C&I segment
  • Streamlines and simplified solutions
  • Considerations for water scarce contexts, water-efficient cleaning solutions
  • New chapter: O&M for standalone systems with storage


  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Environment, Social, Health & Safety
  4. Personnel & Training
  5. Technical Asset Management
  6. Power Plant Operation
  7. Power Plant Maintenance
  8. Revamping and Repowering
  9. Spare Parts Management
  10. Data and Monitoring Requirements
  11. Key Performance Indicators
  12. Contractual Framework
  13. Innovations and Trends
  14. O&M for Standalone Solar Installations with Storage
  15. Annex: list of standards, skills matrix, documentation lists, annual maintenance plan

Please click here to download the Best Practices Guidelines

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