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The consumer division focuses on the sale and distribution of fast-moving electrical and electronic products in the territories we service.

Logos operates two assembly plants in Zambia and in Mozambique under this division.



Many African countries are renowned for having high duties on imported electronic and electrical equipment. Some countries in Africa are also land bound and with poor infrastructure and freight transport is expensive.

Logos addresses these two issues by setting up local assembly, where feasible, in countries in which we operate. This offers the company a unique cost advantage and also offers support from local governments who are eager to support businesses focused on creating sustainable jobs.



Logos operates trade counters at each of our warehouses. These trade counters are outlets specifically focused on business-to-business clients and not the public.

The trade counters showcase products and offer a collection point to customers for their stock orders.

After-sales-service-centres operate from each warehouse and these trade counters serve a vital point of contact between the service centre and our clients.



We invest in training centres in every country in which we operate. Training our staff, our installer and sometimes the users of our products is crucial to our success.

We develop dedicated installers who know our products to ensure that they are competent to install our solutions correctly in homes and in businesses across the continent.



We have strategically aligned with principle partners who share our values and vision for Africa. The synergy in our relationships with our partners encourages growth through flexibility, understanding, commitment and collaboration.

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